Balochistan Archives


Our Vision

  • Balochistan Archives seeks to become a center of excellence for the provision of archival, research, and educational services in Balochistan Province over the next five years. We envision the extension of our services to the general public and researchers interested in Balochistan’s culture and history across Pakistan and abroad over the next decade.

  • Delivering the Vision 2019-20 reports on progress to the end of financial year and reveals the priorities for the year ahead. At the heart of this first year has been building strong foundations for delivery through strategy development on specific areas and partnership formation. In the year ahead we will launch those strategies and, with our partners, begin working to implement them.


Balochistan Archives has the following specific objectives towards realizing its vision:

Acquisition: To acquire historically significant official records, books, and rare manuscripts for preserving and making them available to a wider public.

Modernization: To re-structure departmental activities pertaining to acquisition, preservation, and reproduction in line with the current trends and best practices in archival records management.

Digitization: To translate historical records and rare books into digitally processed documents that can be catalogued, accessed, and displayed online without inordinate delays associated with manual handling and red tape.

Outreach: To establish links with researchers, academic institutions, public libraries, schools, and the general public with a view to synchronize efforts towards the dissemination of historical and cultural information.

Our Mandate

  • Management and preservation of the archival records of the Government of Balochistan.
  • Acquisition/collections of important archival, cultural and education resources, which are presently lying in different departments, divisional, and district headquarters.

  • Development of a record management system so that proper weeding, classification and maintenance of important files and records is carried out.

  • Utilization of records for historical research, administration and planning purposes.