Revenue Commissioner Records

Records of the Revenue Commissioner in Balochistan

TheOffice of the Revenue Commissioner was created for financial administration and the collection of taxes in British Balochistan in the wake of the Dasht Plains Agreement of 1883. The Revenue Commissioner was based in Quetta and advised the Agent to the Governor General in Balochistan in financial matters and controlled revenue administration. He combined the functions of Settlement Commissioner, Superintendent of Stamps, Commissioner of Excise, Inspector General of Registration and Jails, Registrar General, and Judicial Commissioner. His jurisdiction extended over British Balochistan only, that is, territories appended to the Balochistan Agency after the Treaty of Gandamak 1879 such as Pishin, Zhob, and Sibi Districts as well as the tehsils of Quetta, Bolan, Chagai, and Nasirabad that were leased from the Khan of Kalat. He was also the appellate authority against the decisions of respective Political Agents who exercised the powers of Deputy Commissioner in British Balochistan. The Revenue Commissioner reported to the Chief Commissioner in British Balochistan, an office held by the AGG. The Revenue Commissioner's Records are further divided into Essentialand General Records.

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Essential Record of the Revenue Commissioner
General Record of the Revenue Commissioner