Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Projects

Balochistan Archives has recently taken several initiatives to enhance its collections, strengthen infrastructure, build the capacity of its personnel, and expand its outreach to the scholarly community and the people of Balochistan. Presently, the following projects pertaining to the Directorate are in progress and near completion.

  • Acquisition of the Records of Commissioner, Quetta Division:

    The Directorate is acquiring and cataloguing the historical archives belonging to the Commissioner Quetta Office. It has completed the cataloguing of 25% of the records and will begin the processing and cataloguing of the next batch of records shortly. Balochistan Archives acknowledges the support lent by Mr. Nasim Lehri, formerly Commissioner Quetta Division, in this regard.

  • Digitization of Historical Records of Balochistan Archives

    Balochistan Archives has already scanned and digitized a small collection of rare books and original files consisting of more than 2,000 pages for its website. The Directorate plans to start a comprehensive program for the digitization of its entire repository. With the technical support of Directorate General of Information Technology, Govt. of Balochistan, a detailed cost estimate of Rs. 20 Million has been prepared. The project will involve physical improvements, purchase of computer hardware and specialized scanning equipment, software design, and the capacity building of staff.

  • Digitization of Rare Historical Manuscripts and Personal Papers

    Balochistan Archives has embarked on an initiative of digitizing rare hand-written and printed original manuscripts in Balochi, Brahui, Pashto, and Persian languages pertaining to the history and culture of Balochistan. As part of this initiative, several Balochi and Brahui language manuscripts written by the religious scholars from the Durkhani School (Maktaba-e-Durkhan) have been digitized and made available online. In addition, we are digitizing personal papers of notable Balochistan scholars and intellectuals such as Muhammad Sardar Khan Baloch (M.A. Alig.)