Nushki District

Report on the Archival Records of Nushki District

Historical Chagai District was the largest district of Pakistan and is located on the North West corner of Balochistan, Pakistan. It forms a triangular border with Afghanistan and Iran. Chagai was given the status of District in 1896 and it covers an area of 50,545 sq. km. The population of Chagai district is estimated to be 250,000 in 2005 estimate. Presently historical Chagai District is divided into Nushki District and Chagai District. The Archival records belonging to the Political Agent Chagai are kept at Deputy Commissioner Office in Nushki, the former headquarter of the Chagai District.

Historical Background:

The advent of the British in this area commenced with the British agreement of 1878 with the Khan of Kalat. Subsequently as a result of the partial survey and definitions of the western boundary with Iran from Kuhak to Koh-i-Malik Siah and demarcation of the Afghan Baloch boundary in 1896, the western Sanjrani (present Dalbandin sub-division and Nokkundi Tehsil) became part of Kalat State. In November, 1896 the first British Political Agent of Chagai was appointed. Nushki continued to be a Niabat of the Kalat State. Three years later, however the Niabat of Nushki was leased by the British from the Khan on an annual rent of Rs. 9,000. The management of the Niabat was handed over on the 1st July, 1899 to the British Government. The Khan of Kalat gave all the rights and privileges, as well as full and exclusive revenue, civil and criminal jurisdiction, including all rights to levy dues and tolls to the British Government. From July, 1899 to the 13th August, 1947 the district remained under the British administration. After independence in 1947 and the declaration of Balochistan as a province in 1970, Chagai became a district within Quetta Division.

Arrangement of the Archival Record:

The Balochistan Archives team visited the Deputy Commissioner Nushki Office on 18-06-2014. The records have been categorized and kept in English and Urdu Sections.

The English section contained old and Archival files that dated from 1909 till the partition of sub-continent. There was a huge bulk record after partition and the files of 2014 were also kept in this record room that was of different heads. Some 200 files were of Archival importance, otherwise the whole record consisted the correspondence of Deputy Commissioner.

The numbers of total files are 200 and all of these files have been sorted out by Junior clerk and Superintendent of D.C office. The whole record was not kept properly and the cleanliness of the record room was not satisfactory. The files were damaged by termites and the in charge has no idea of the records and files. A team comprising Balochistan Archives officials and D.C office Nushki should be assigned the task of categorizing the new and old files. However a survey was done by National Archives Islamabad earlier.

The Urdu section contained almost 300 Bastas and each Basta contained 70-90 files, on average the total numbers of files comes to 3000 approx. the record dated from 1890 to 1990. All these records are in the shape of “Misals”. The record was not kept neat and was not categorized year-wise and region-wise. The record was mixed-up and it comprised of following regions.

  • Dalbandin
  • Chagai
  • Nokundi
  • Noshki
  • Taftan

Detailed List of Important Files in Archival Records of Nushki District