Dr Brahui Manuscripts Collection

Dr. Brahui Collection

These documents are rare hand-written manuscripts that include histories (Tawarikh), letters (Khutut), religious texts (Tafaseer), and certificates or edicts (Sunnud) that constitute important sources of Balochistan's history, especially in the British period. These have been loaned to Balochistan Archives by scholars, bibliophiles, and other citizens of Balochistan for public access. The digital collection is named after noted Baloch scholar and bibliophile, Dr. Abdul Rehman Brahui, who has generously donated several rare Persian and Arabic manuscripts to Balochistan Archives from his personal collection. These include two Persian manuscripts titled Akhbar-ul-Abrar and Tarikh-e-Khawanin-e-Kalat on the history of Ahmadzai Khans of Kalat. The third manuscript is a draft copy of a Tafseer or Sharah entitled Jawahir-ul-Uloom that appears to be written in a mix of Persian and Arabic. It was written by Maulana Abdul Ahad of Maktaba-e-Durkhan or Durkhani School. The Durkhani School was the first anti-colonial educational movement in Balochistan led by Maulana Fazil Durkhani and his associates from a religious school established in the village of Durkhan near Dhadar in Kachhi District. We will be adding more rare manuscripts, including the first Balochi translation of the Holy Quran, to this collection soon.