Loralai District

Archival Records of Loralai District

Loralai is a district in the centre of Balochistan province of Pakistan. Loralai district was created on October, 1903. Loralai town is the district headquarters. Loralai was further divided in 1992 when Musakhel and Barkhan were given the status of separate administrative districts. Its population was 300,000 in 2005 and covers an area of 9830 square miles and it shares a boundary with Barkhan, Musakhel, Kohlu, Sibi and Ziarat and Killasaifullah Districts.

Historical Background:

The steps by which the different parts of the district came under British control have been gradual. With the increase of British influence, most of the tribes petitioned to be taken under British protection and expressed their willingness to pay revenue. By 1884 AD, the British administration in the form of an Agency was established. During the early eighties some murderous attacks were made upon British subjects by different clans of Kakars under the influence of Shah Jahan of Zhob. Accordingly British troops were moved into Zhob and Sir Robert Sandeman held a darbar at Bori. The chiefs of the Bori valley attended this meeting and surrendered after the defeat of Shah Jehan. On the 22nd November 1894 AD, the Bori and Zhob chiefs reached an agreement accepting the supremacy of the British Government and promised to put a stop to further raids and to pay a fine of R.20, 000. Gradually, administrative control was strengthened. On the 1st November 1887 AD, the district was declared a part of British India. In 1947, prior to the creation of Pakistan, a referendum was held by the British in which the tribesmen of Loralai district, like other districts of the Frontier Region, opted for Pakistan.

Arrangement of Archival Records:

There are approximately 9000 files in the record rooms. The available record is in the form of files and there are no Books, Magazines, Digests, Newspapers and Biographies. The records are accessible for researchers / Scholars and they can get any information with the permission of Deputy Commissioner Loralai. All the searched record fall in category B and C. There is no catalogue available for the records.

The major heads of English Section are as follows.

Gazetteer of Pakistan, Gazetteer of India, Misc, Municipal, Establishment, Arms, Levies, Political, Military, raids, Passport, Census and Lands. Another record office in D.C office premises was of SadarQanungo. This office has settlement Maps and some genealogical trees.

Detailed List of Important Files in the Archival Records of Kalat District