Kharan District

Report on the Archival Records of Kharan District

Kharan was notified as district in March 15, 1952 having an Area of 8958 sq km and its population is 234440 in 2010 estimates. Kharan is bounded with Nushki, Kalat, Panjgur Washuk and Khuzdar district.

Historical Background:

The early history of Kharan is obscure. It is mainly a record of the fights and forays in which the chiefs and the inhabitants were continuously engaged. Being poor and barren, it did not tempt any of the conquering nations which from time to time in the 14th century A.D. conquered other territories. It is said that the Nausherwanis were in power in the north east of Iran. Chaotic conditions were then prevailing in Iran and the ruler of that country considered them responsible for this. Accordingly they were compelled to migrate towards Sistain, bordering the present Kharan District. It is said that the first man who entered into Kharan from this tribe was Mir Abbas Khan. The Nausherwanis spread over the entire area and selected Rakhshan (present Basima) as their settlement. Prior to the entry of Nausherwanis, the Rakhshan area was dominated by the Peerakzais. Mir Abbas entered into matrimonial relations with this tribe and afterwards gained control over the Peerakzais tribe. Mir Azad Khan surrendered his sovereignty to the British Government in 1884.

The state of Kharan was established in about 1697 CE as a vassal state of Kalat, a status which remained until 1940. On 17 March 1948, Kharan acceded to Pakistan and on 3 October 1952 it joined the Baluchistan States Union. The state was dissolved on 14 October 1955 when most regions of the western wing of Pakistan were merged to form the province of West Pakistan. When that province was dissolved in 1970, the territory of the former state of Kharan was organized as Kharan District of the province of Baluchistan (later Balochistan).

Arrangement of Archival Records:

The Balochistan Archives team visited the Deputy Commissioner Kharan Office on 20-06-2014. The record was kept in a single room and there was no English and revenue record in D.C office kharan. The record in Urdu section comprised of total 70 Bastas and was damaged and there was no complete file in any of the Bastas. The Pages were scattered in the room and the condition of these bastes is obvious from the snapshots taken by the ream. The record was not supervised which resulted in the loss of the record. No one was there to tell any brief history of these records. There records dated back 1952 to 1990.

The Deputy Commissioner Kharan was very cooperative and he assured as he will appoint in charge for the record section. Yet it needs urgent attention, otherwise, the record will be damaged in few months. Proper cataloging be ensured for the sake of record preservation.

Detailed List of Important Files in the Archival Records of Kharan District