Completed Projects

Completed Projects

Balochistan Archives has recently taken several initiatives to enhance its collections, strengthen infrastructure, build the capacity of its personnel, and expand its outreach to the scholarly community and the people of Balochistan. Presently, the following projects pertaining to the Directorate are in progress and near completion.

Completed Projects 2012-13:

  • Survey of the Records of Divisional Commissioner's Offices:

    The Directorate was granted an additional amount of Rs. 0.5 Million under Travelling Allowance to enable its staff to undertake a survey of important historical records lying with historical Divisional and Deputy Commissioners' Offices in Balochistan. A preliminary survey of the record rooms of the following offices in Balochistan has been carried out by the staff of the Directorate of Archives:

    • Deputy Commissioner Kalat
    • Deputy Commissioner Las Bela
    • Deputy Commissioner Sibi
    • Deputy Commissioner Loralai
    • Deputy Commissioner Zhob

  • Establishment of Rare Photographs Gallery:

    The Directorate has established a small Rare Photographs Gallery that showcases significant photographs from the colonial period, the Pakistan movement, the history of colonial railways, and everyday lives of the people of Balochistan in various historical periods. Currently the gallery has been established on a shoestring budget of Rs. 0.15 M. For setting up of a properly equipped rare photographs gallery, an estimated amount of Rs. 5 Million is required.

  • Strengthening and Improvement of Balochistan Archives:

    On the instructions of Nawab Muhammad AslamRaisani, former Chief Minister Balochistan, the Directorate was granted an amount of Rs. 0.5 Million for urgent measures to improve and strengthen the preservation and conservation of archives and for the establishment of a dedicate website. This amount has been utilized to set up a dedicated website (, development of an online catalogue, and purchase of conservation materials such as acid-free storage boxes.

  • Computerization of Manual Catalogues and Descriptive Lists:

    With the support of the Department of Science and Information Technology, Balochistan Archives has computerized manual descriptive lists and catalogues of the Rare Books and Manuscripts Library and the Balochistan Secretariat Records at no cost to the Government. This was an arduous task since the RBML catalogue is a collection of 3,800 records and the Balochistan Secretariat Records catalogue contains more than 8,000 records. These records will become part of our central database and increase public access to the records.