Chief Commissioner Records

Records of the Chief Commissioner in Balochistan

As pointed out in the introduction to the Records of the AGG, the office of the Chief Commissioner in British Baluchistan was created in the wake of the Treaty of Gandamak in 1879 and this office was held by the AGG. The newly annexed territories were designated as Chief Commissioner's Province of Baluchistan. These territories were mostly inhabited by Pashtun people from Kakar, Tarin, Syed, Luni, Mandokhel, and Sherani tribes. The jurisdiction of the Chief Commissioner extended over all those territories that were appended to the Baluchistan Agency after the Second Afghan War 1878 such as Zhob and Pishin as well as the territories leased from the Khan of Kalat from time to time. Please refer to the map in the introduction to the Records of the AGG for territories included in British Baluchistan (highlighted in red/pink color).

Schematic Map showing the Chief Commissioner's Province in Baluchistan © 2011 Martin Lewis

NOTE: This map is not according to scale and the boundaries shown are not exact, only indicative

The details of the records are given in the finding aid for Chief Commissioner Records.Some examples of files and subjects in this collection are as follows:

  • Budget Estimates of the Balochistan Agency for 1923-24
  • Budget allotment of the Revenue Commissioner in Balochistan for 1923-24
  • Civil Service Regulations
  • Re-appropriation of Budget grants requiring sanction of the Government of India
  • Budget Allotment of the Residency Surgeon and Chief Medical Officer in Balochistan
  • Salary, allowance, and settlements