AGG Essential Records

Essential Records of the Agent to the Governor General in Baluchistan

Initial and Terminal Years



100 Basta's (5088 files).

Type of Records




Content Description

The subject matter of these records concerns a diverse array of issues that organized under relevant heads such as Accounts, Arms, Afghanistan, Boundaries, and Confidential. Some of the more important files relate to the movement of arms across the Afghan frontier, fixing of the Persian-Baloch boundary in Chagai Agency, establishment and expansion of Quetta Town and Cantonment, Jirga decisions relating to the succession of chiefs of Marri and Mengal tribes, Rind Disturbances 1876-92 and the Battle of Gok Prosh in Mekran 1898, Slavery in Mekran, Deposition of Khan Khudadad Khan and the accession of Mir Mahmud Khan to the throne of Kalat, and the Marri-Khetran uprising of 1915.


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